Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

Episcopal Church Women

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Episcopal Church Women is a fellowship of all the women of the church, organized to enable women to serve our Lord through worship, service, stewardship and fellowship and committed to one another and called to be witnesses for Christ.

Our challenge is to provide a safe place where every woman is free to become the person Christ created her to be. We are called. We are one body in Christ.


Holy Spirit ECW supports such local support groups as:

  • Pinellas Center for the Visually Impaired
  • Church and Community Action in Safety Harbor
  • Habitat for Humanity

ECW-sponsored projects aided by our contributions include Sara Howell Memorial Fund, Bishop Gray Inn, and Women to Women.

In the parish, Episcopal Church Women keep the kitchen stocked, add books to the Library, staff the nursery, contribute to the Rector's Discretionary Fund, and pledge monthly help with the parish budget. They accomplish all this through various fund raising activities.

Living the Second Great Commandment, that we love our neighbors as ourselves.

Church of the Holy Spirit is a member of the Pinellas Support Committee of The National Farm Worker Ministry standing beside farm workers in their struggle for justice.