Thrift Shop


Located next to the parish hall, the Thrift Shop is open Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Many of our customers are in need of clothing and housewares at a bargain and many are just “bargain hunters.” There are also some who just need someone to talk to and a friendly smile. Each week our shop is praised for its organization and “first class” merchandise priced so reasonably.   It is an all volunteer activity of the parish which provides high quality goods at low prices as well as funds for Safety Harbor Church and Community Outreach and other activities. It's been many years since we opened our door to “the best kept secret in Safety Harbor.” 

The Thrift Shop continues to make a major contribution to the goals of our parish.  In addition, many others receive donations directly from the Thrift Shop, including the Farm Workers and Sea Farers Ministries, Kimberly house, the people of Kenya and Appalachia, St. Vincent de Paul, and DACO.  Donations (which are tax deductible) of household goods and clothes in good condition are always welcome, as is volunteer help with the shop

Volunteers Needed - "The only gifts you ever keep are those you give away".  With love and tender care the donated items are washed, ironed, cleaned, repaired and readied for the shop by our "Monday morning volunteers" in our parish hall.  We also need people to help run the thrift shop during it's operation hours from Thursday through Saturday.  

We welcome and need your help, even it is only several hours a week.  We can be creative in using your time and talents. Just let us know that you want to help keep this worthwhile ministry going.  

For more information on donating goods or volunteering you time, call the Thrift Shop during operating hours at 727-725-4726 or leave your name and contact information at the church office.